Renhai Reflections: Seen Through

Seen Through

A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (Solo)

The popping begins
as the see-through pot lid
starts to steam up.

A Segway passes my way —
one head turns, then two.

I spill my soda
on the lap of the person
I step in front of.

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Correction: the middle verse should read, "A Segway passes...", see:


Renhai Reflections: The Outbreak

The Outbreak
A Renhaibun by Jerry McKenzie (jm) & Vaughn Seward (vs)

These lesions on my ankle from previous exposures to neutron beams are causing greater pain than they did yesterday. Now, today, my pace across this field of rubble is much slower... my work is hampered. And under these harrowing circumstances, I don't think I'll be able to take my scheduled holiday, two days off on planet Zoria playing cricket, unless I go AWOL from the consortium and get some first-aid. But suddenly, I'm pulled out of the depths of my self-commisseration... in a stumble my foot dislodges an unfamiliar object... I pick it up, turn it over, and recognize the worn logo of a vintage Syllacon. This was a primitive device used for storing information, communicating, and delivering medical remedies, among other things. I toss the worthless relic over my shoulder but to my amazement it begins to emit a coded signal. Picking it up I find the activator is still functional and a clearful image projects holographically in front of me. The image is accompanied by an audible feed which my modern hand device, which is actually a finger ring, translates into several stanzas of verse. The lines, according to my q-ring, are similar to an old earth-style poetical form.* The first stanza of this verse brings back that chilling, sacred sound that still reverberates in my memory... as if it summons me again, perhaps this time as a supplicant to the humble apothecary stall that stands adjacent to the temple. The next day I accept a "pass" from the consortium and stow away on board a rust-ridden, bulky galactic freighter.

*swinging the mallet
he sounds the jubilation
silver gong /vs

the shrill sound of an airoz — /jm
from the midst one arises /vs

a tall falconer
extends his gauntleted
arm in receipt /jm

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[This is a science fiction style Renhaibun (see the notes for more details)]