888. Meteorological Tease

light snowfall —
the weather mocks my
shoveling efforts


887. Signature

just short
of finishing his last name —
fresh-fallen snow


886. The Arrival

the locomotive
pulls into the station...
steam on frost


885. Come and Go

telephone wire...
a sparrow joins three,
another leaves


884. Roger, Over & Out

x-mas vacation...
i make a friend with my
new walkie-talkie


883. Tea Party

new doll...
words at her tea party
double in number


882. Merry Christmas!

christmas morning...
the night's stillness broken
by tiny voices


881. Not a Creature Stirring

winter night...
a constant hush of hot air
through the vent


880. Yummy

hot oven...
the pan's molds shape
each muffin


879. Posterier Mold

my body
conforms to the car seat...
minus thirty


878. Sounds of Cold

cold night...
the squeak of car tires
in fresh snow


877. Rear Bound

a child's first
steps outside in winter...
backyard rink


876. Pandemonium

fresh snow —
the neighbour's dogs chase
each other


875. Fetch

a maple seed
twirls down...the dog
nearly catches it


874. Cycle Renewed

snowflakes settle
on eggshells and feathers —
robin's nest


873. Warm Repose

dad snoozes
on the couch...the cat
finds a cushion


872. Night and Day

wide awake
all night...not so
awake today


871. Arrested Motion

gravity's pull
suspended till spring...
frozen waterfall


870. Not Forgotten

patch of ice...
a remembrance day poppy


869. Made to Fit

a leaf occupies
its own depression...
snow bank


868. Hanging On

the last leaf
flutters in the wind —
all day long


867. Did You See That?

falling star —
i blink and have to take
his word for it

[Starting with this haiku, I plan to put the remarks for each day's haiku in the comments section of the post. I will continue to maintain the archives and link information here. I am now planning to extend this linked haiku sequence for an entire year. Look at this blog's sidebar for details (see the section entitled, "A Linked Year"). ~Masago]


866. Tiny Shadows

frozen puddle —
tips of brown leaves
catch the sun



865. While Sleeping

night time —
in silence a layer of snow



864. In-between Years

i look into
a thirty-year old 'mirror'...
self portrait



863. Time Bank

snooze button...
i savour a few moments
of borrowed time



862. Change

i find a nickel
embedded in my slice...
take-out pizza



861. Cold Head

a white knitted toque
in the snow



860. End of Season

school yard...
footprints in the snow
from base to base



859. Flutter

a tuft of grass
at the base of a pole...
chilly wind



858. Here it Comes

late afternoon...
snow clouds over
fields of stubble



857. Thai Aroma

rice cooker —
the smell of coconut
as i lift the lid



856. Pock Marked

november day...
the rain leaves dimples
in the snow



855. Infused

ceramic cup...
green tea infused
with hot water



854. Warm and Cozy

freezing day...
above the beaver house
a puff of steam



853. So Soon Gone

pile of rubble...
a house stood there
only yesterday



852. Break-through

frosty sunrise —
the crunching sound of ice
in an alley puddle



851. One With

late afternoon...
a drop on the icicle
almost drips off



850. Reaching Out

leafless twigs...
their limit reached
for the year



219. Rush Hour

a full elevator
stops on every floor...
no one gets off

[This haiku was written in October, 2005 and was recently re-written.]



849. Alley

tire tracks
in slush...a boy adds
boot prints



848. Intersected

the big harley
succumbs to gravity's pull...
deer crossing



847. Feet Up

early winter...
in the sill, a ladybug
on its back



846. Sojourn

autumn kitchen —
a buzzing fly settles
on an edge



845. Buddies

a stone supports
the curled, dried leaf...
mountain path



844. Taking Root

cold day...
wet moss on an old
cedar roof



843. Winter Stores

mountain ash —
clumps of berries beside
last year's



842. Best Before

cafe patio...
a red leaf falls into
a plastic tree



841. Too Late

bags of groceries...
i spot my keys on
the car seat



840. Season's End

summer cottage...
i lock the boat away
one last time



839. Returned

tour of duty...
our boy comes home
in a wheel chair



838. Autumn Serenity

bare branches
set the valley at peace...
fallen leaves



837. Discovery

fancy dinner...
a single piece of gum
found under



836. Clue

one car covered
with leaves



835. Bowing Out

first snowfall...
stalks of rhubarb begin
leaning over



834. Graceful Glider

sudden gasp...
a hot air baloon drifts
right overhead



833. Grounded

overcast day...
a withered baloon among
leafless branches



832. Rapid Descent

autumn rain —
a brown leaf plummets
to the ground



831. Plea Bargain

i dream i ask
for a lighter sentence...
snooze button



830. Meeting Weary

the board chairman
arises to adjourn the meeting...
snoring sounds


Pirate Rubricku Completed

I have just completed a second Rubricku named "The Pirate" in collaboration with Karina Klesko. Karina is the Director of WHCpoetrybridge and the owner of the The Outlaw Poets Yahoo news group.

Our Pirate Rubricku was featured in The
Outlaw Poets' monthly poetry magazine called "Sketchbook".


829. Trailer

drizzle...a child
in a tent on wheels pulled
behind a bicycle



828. Long Gone

first snowfall...
a tuft of feathers hang
on the birdhouse hole



827. Green & Gold

the golden leaf
of a poplar floats down...
lands on a hosta



826. Seaside

tidal pool —
glistening pebbles nestle
in a driftwood log



825. Please Proceed

green light...
a vacant intersection
after midnight



824. Glacial Turf

first frost —
ice-capped blades of grass
greet the morning



823. On the Go

swift breeze...
a clump of thistle fluff
drifts by



822. One in the Crowd

through a cloud
of falling leaves...one clings
to the windshield



821. Guerilla Gardening

flower box —
a cigarette butt planted
face down



820. Undecided

small tree...
a campaign poster catches
on a leafless branch



819. Leaf Catchers

coloured leaves adhere
to shallow puddles



818. Meals on Wheels

a crow pecks
at something on the road...



817. Baking Lesson

apple pie...
playing backgammon
as it cools



816. Afternoon Wind

mid-day heat —
we sit in the sea breeze
under a palm



815. Yellow Divider

highway line —
a little paint between
speeding masses



814. Fall Behind

he waves to me
from behind the falls...
spray and mist



813. Not Alone

junk yard...
the glint of two eyes
out of a tire



812. Those were the Days

an old tire
rolls down the hill...
kid inside



811. Autumn Panorama

mountain vale —
autumn colours reflect
the afternoon sun



810. Chase Scene

light breeze...
one leaf tumbles,
follows another



809. Childhood Focus

toy box...
the toddler has more interest
in kitchen utensils



808. Not Alone

country weekend...
a faint rustling sound
in the walls



807. After the Storm

rain drops
on a long blade of grass...
early morning



806. Left Behind

a sunday crowd
crams the italian deli...
olives on the floor



805. Surrogate

a full moon
bright and clear...above
the flitting moths



Several toys
emerge out of the snow...
spring thaw.

A butterfly on her nose
closes its coloured wings.

Through the clouds
the sun is sharp and clear -
cool on the eyes.

Dad attempts to whip up
a batch of scrambled eggs.

Autumn lawn...
more leaf mulching
than grass cutting.

The shuttle launch is delayed
because of too many vultures.

First snowfall...
here is a Christmas card
to be mailed, last year.

I lift the sheets and there
within, a little bed bug.

In her new
easy-bake oven she burns
a roast chicken.

This is a three-by-three interlocking renku I call a rubricku. The first stanza starts with Spring and then the poem works through all the seasons in order. The last stanza "easy-bake", is a central component of the poem that links to every other stanza. The season stanzas (hokku) are haiku I have previously written that have been chosen by various haiku on-line "publications", i.e.:

Spring (picked by Edward Weiss, wisteriapress.com):
Several toys
emerge out of the snow...
spring thaw.

Summer (picked by Sondra Ball, sondra.net/al/):
Through the clouds
the sun is sharp and clear -
cool on the eyes.

Autumn (picked by Susumu Takiguchi, World Haiku Showcase):
Autumn lawn
more leaf cutting
than grass cutting.

Winter (picked by Serge Tome, www.tempslibres.org/tl/en/cconv.html):
First snowfall...
here is a Christmas card
to be mailed, last year.

I have prepared a two dimensional representation of this rubricku showing the linkages between stanzas and other renku aspects:


Click the following for some further information about Rubricku including a template for writing your own:


804. Night Passing

after midnight —
the sound of a car fades
in the distance



803. Winter Vacation

the bird house
occupied this summer...
now empty



802. A Veritable Fountain

exotic smoothness
flows from her mouth...
bottle of shiraz



801. Tough Mama

smoke break...
a red heart tatoo
on her arm



800. Public Inquiry

words sprayed
on a downtown building:
"Are We Safe Yet?"


The Virtual Za Renku Has Been Completed

The Renku collaboration between Hototogisu and me that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is now complete! This is a renku-like 36-verse linked poem that was started on August 7, 2006.

Each post is either a two-line or a three-line haiku-like poem in which each verse links in some way to the previous one and goes through the seasons beginning with Summer and ending in Spring. Renku has a long tradition in Japan. We are following many of these traditions but have simplified things in some ways (e.g. Moon, Blossom, and Love references are not mandatory).

The complete Renku appearis in The Virtual Za Blog.

To keep track of seasons, kigo, link types, and so on, we used the following Google spreadsheet:

The Virtual Za Work Sheet.


799. Resting Place

garage floor...
a maple leaf settles
under a tire



798. Annoyed Landlord

the upstairs tenant
refuses to pay rent...
cheeky squirrel



797. Pedestrian

a fat pigeon
struts at our feet...
oh, how tame!



796. Random Patterns

autumn afternoon...
thirty or forty seagulls
circle overhead



795. A Happy Place

north shore...
each wave laps then
falls away



794. A Token

rose bouquet...
a tear forms on her cheek,
falls on the card



793. Overnight Gift

green lawn...
pearls of dew reflect
an early sunrise



792. What's the Matter?

cold porridge —
i examine this matter with
grey matter



791. The Passing

railway crossing...
i count the cars and read
their serial numbers



790. Sink Beach

stove-top espresso...
the feel of grounds while
cleaning the pot



789. Coming Days

a koi rises
to meet a falling leaf —
cool afternoon



788. Grand Entrance

sumo ring...
a tiny spider descends
on a silk thread



787. One of Them

autumn breeze...
a cabbage moth among
the scattering leaves



786. To the Dark Side

turned-up compost...
the red worms wriggle
back under

[Notes & Red Worm Link]


785. Pleasant Moments

riverside promenade —
seniors stroll through
falling leaves



784. Double Exposure

estate lawn...
automatic sprinkers compete
with the rain



783. Greener Pasture

grocery checkout...
i switch lines but i still
get through last


Linked Verse Collaboration: The Virtual Za

Some of you may have discovered a collaboration between Hototogisu and me. For several weeks now we have been creating a renku-like 36-verse linked poem. Each post is either a two-line or a three-line haiku-like poem in which each verse links in some way to the previous one and goes through the seasons beginning with Summer and ending in Spring. Renku has a long tradition in Japan. We are following many of these traditions but have simplified things in some ways (e.g. Moon, Blossom, and Love references are not mandatory).

Our semi-daily posts appear in The Virtual Za Blog.

In order to keep track of seasons, kigo, link types, and so on, we use the following Google spreadsheet:

The Virtual Za Work Sheet

We invite you to follow along.


782. On Guard

street lamps...
each seagull stands
at attention



781. It's Okay

terrible dream...
i awake to the soft glow
of the nightlight



780. Not Here

power blackout —
i find the spot where
the flashlight isn't



779. 3D Mirror

air bubble --
a tiny globe suspended
in a drop of rain



778. Asphalt Wasabi

former building...
once a place for sushi,
now a parkinq lot



777. New Start

century-old elm —
a young branch attached
at the trunk bottom



776. Evidence

wind storm...
a yellow leaf caught
on her sweater



775. Got Away

my liquid marble
rolls under the fridge...
quick silver



774. Almost

second by seconds
in a three-legged race —
sunday picnic



773. Rude Awakening

early morning...
friday's alarm setting
still active


Notes Link Rollover

I have added a rollover to all the [Notes] links in the blog. When you hover your mouse over these links a little box will appear showing the link to the previous day's post.


772. Surprise!

birthday party...
i see an alarming image
in the hall mirror



771. Way Back

sunday afternoon...
a visit with gram & gramps
in the museum exhibit



770. Survival

during a downpour
on our vacation...we get lost
in a bookstore



769. Refuge?

garden hose...
a tiny spider scurries
for cover


112. A Year Ago: Katrina

sack of rice —
the contents flow out
through a hole

[This poem I wrote last September (2005) was based on a dream I had at the time. It later reminded me of the effects of Hurricane Katrina with the breeches of the levee and how the people poured through meagre evacuation routes. Also, many folks died, pouring through a hole into their next world.]


768. One Way or Another

the back lawn
watered...one boy wins
the contest



767. Summer Dreams

snacks and comics
in a pail lifted up...
tree house



766. Hangin' Around

a caterpillar
hangs from its middle...
robin's beak



765. Help Me

up-ended turtle:
head and limbs flail
in the gentle breeze



764. Tilt

cool breeze...
on the edge between
summer and fall



763. A Bonus

country well --
more brought up than
cold water



762. Teem Spirit

hot afternoon —
a city of ants swarm
upon a log



761. Anyone Home?

trickling dam...
a full pond yet beavers
remain unseen



760. Liquid Vestige

wet spots
track across the yard --
pail of water



759. Pure Yellow

a potentilla petal
settles on the flower bed...
spot of sunshine



758. Gift from Above

under the bridge...
a pigeon feather twirls
to the ground



757. Still Serving

"Obstruction Ahead"...
the orange sign face up
on the river bottom



756. End's Beginning

the mighty Yamato
succumbs to an onslaught...
at rest in the depths



755. Foul Alarm

still morning...
a magpie's caw portends
summer's end



Archive Added for Daily Haiku/Senryu/Tanka

Starting today I am changing the method of providing link information between each new posting. I have created the following archive:


I have also added additional notes and background behind each poem in the archive. A link to this new archive will be available at the bottom of each daily post.

754. High Fliers

eight geese
glide high overhead...
noon-day sun



753. New Surroundings

re-potted bonsai —
an emerging root reflects
the summer sun



752. Not-so-fast Food

smoke rises
from the hotdog stand...
long line-up



751. Break Time

office front —
workers gather to smoke
and use their cells

[Here in Edmonton it is smoke-free in all inside public areas.]


750. Preoccupation

bread crumbs —
a pigeon hops around,
head bobbing



749. David & Goliath

a robin on the road
stops a pickup truck —
tiny bug



748. Unexpected Guest

picnic table —
a hornet buzzes around,
settles on my pie


Celebrating 747: Renku-Like Linking

[Announcement: In commemoration of poem #747 (a la Boeing 747) I will be adding a new dimension to this blog. Starting with #748, each future poem will link back to its predecessor in a renku-like fashion.

Two days after I post a haiku, I will add a comment with full information about the link.

For more information about renku check out these links:


I hope to soon create a web page that concisely explains the concept of renku linking and shifting.]


747. Substitute

wading pool...
underpants double as
swim trunks


746. Mountain Scene

wild flowers
fill an alpine meadow —
gurgling stream


745. Gastronomic Tanka

thai dinner —
every bite tasty
except a mushroom,
that falls off my fork
and down into my lap


744. Transported

parking lot...
a seagull squawk carries
me to the coast

743. Eye-Opener

weekend sunrise:
sounds of birds between
sips of espresso

742. Bark, No Bite?

morning thunder —
flashes and noise but
not a drop of rain


741. One Different

a tall elm —
one leafless branch
among the green


740. Summer Stroll

long day —
me and my shadow take
an evening walk


739. Overhead

summer sky...
the jet flies ahead
of its sound


738. Perambulatory Surprise

an afternoon walk
across the park lawn...
goose poop

737. Low-altitude Reconnaissance

damselflies —
two or three skim
the pond surface


736. So Long

her last day...
a tear and smiles accompany
final farewells


735. A Silver Lining

after the storm...
the ground receives a kiss
from the rose

734. Professional Rivalry

"my proof's shorter
than yours"


733. Forewarning

a pop can rolls
across the vacant lot –
sudden storm


732. New Generation

tiny heads
peek above the edge...
robin's nest


731. Sad Scene

the little girl
behind the fence weeps...
why so sad?


730. Hot Day

all-time high...
dreams of last winter
and stalled cars


729. Donkey's Bed

cold night...
i find a warm rock
on which to sleep

[National Geographic July 2006, page 22: It is estimated that more than a quarter of road accidents in Namibia involve collisions with donkeys — often because they lie down to sleep on the warm pavement at night. To prevent such accidents, a group is working to outfit donkeys with reflective ear tags. So far 500 have been tagged.]


728. Sharing Limelight

sunny afternoon —
a clear quarter moon
hangs in the sky


727. Wild

a pansey grows
in a narrow sidewalk crack:
oh, how wild!


725. Freedom

cruise liner —
a seagull soars above
the midship pool


724. Anniversary Poem

A year ago today (2005-07-24) I wrote the first of many haiku. This is that first one I wrote:

she closes her book
turns out the light...
summer weekend's end

In celebration of this event I present the following anniversary poem (#724):

oh butterfly...
are you so still because
i'm near?

I would like to thank all of you for your suggestions, kind words, and encouragement.


723. Concealed

prairie fire--
a pheasant flees for cover
into a thicket


722. Morning Surprise

oh, mosquito,
little one in my shower...
cease fire?


721. A Country Day's End

summer start —
canola field and sunset,
all one gold!


720. Artistic License

downtown inn...
pigeons decorate the signage
with their poop


719. Sudden Squall

rain pearls
glide off a green umbrella —
cafe patio


718. Taste of Nankai

summer breeze...
we cross a high bridge
in Osaka's tram

[Yesterday we took a ride in an electric trolly street car across Edmonton's High Level bridge, the World's highest streetcar river crossing.


The streetcar (HDK 247) was built in Japan in 1921 and operated as part of the Nankai Railway in Osaka till 1990. It was then transferred to Edmonton and in 1995 it began operating as a tourist attraction.]


717. Searching

rescue sea-plane
side-view window...
...another "not here"


716. Framed

city park...
azalea petals among
cigarette butts


715. Cooling Off

wading pool —
fathers find a reason
to get in too


714. Rainy Evening

garden centre —
gray plastic pagodas
shed the rain


713. Fogbank

across the bay
a fogbank rolls in...
tug's horn


712. Weed Competition

goutweed patch--
blades of quack peek out
here and there


711. Hidden Danger

tin-can scarecrow:
a hornet's nest under
the right hand


710. Exchange of Nectar

bumble bee...
a tiny yellow blossom,
weighted down


709. Post Repast

a bamboo toothpick
between thumb and a finger
after-dinner chat

[This unintentionally turned out to have a 5-7-5 syllable format]


708. Dashed Hope

sand S.O.S. —
another plane passes


707. Evidence

white Porsche...
a cat leaves prints
across the hood


706. World Cup Sorrow

red card:
short a man now
in the second half


705. A Meeting

an old iceberg
drifts into the harbour...
touches another


704. TGIF

the sun rises on
the end of a long week:
"it's friday!"


703. A Break

summer breeze--
the leaves all wave
at the passing sun


702. Quick Wipe

moistened tissue...
mom wipes icecream
from my face


701. Cover

hot beach--
a tiny crab darts
under a towel


700. Fleeting Release

a seagull in flight,
freed from earth's tug...
but just for a time


699. Ouch!

a tiny hornet
goes straight for my thumb...
what did i do?


698. Friend?

morning visit--
that squirrel scampers
across the roof


697. Cozy Chums

rainy afternoon--
two sparrows perch
on an inner branch


696. Summer Solstice II

long day--
the sun goes to bed
after i do


695. Summer Solstice I

evening drizzle--
koi in the pond prepare
for a short night


694. A New Day

summer morning--
aspen leaves flutter
in the breeze


693. Fluff Genesis

wad of lint
from my pocket...how
did it form?


692. With Faith

grad night--
thoughts of final courses
still to complete


691. After a Storm

rain puddle--
a gray cloud tracks
across the surface


690. Team Boost

overtime break-away...
Pisani scores!

[ RALEIGH, N.C. - June 14, 2006: Fernando Pisani scored a short-handed goal in overtime of the Stanley Cup finals Wednesday night to give the Edmonton Oilers’ a 4-3 victory in Game 5. Pisani’s fourth winning goal of the postseason staved off elimination for the Oilers, who still trail Carolina 3-2 in the best-of-seven series that resumes Saturday night in Edmonton. The goal was the first short-handed overtime goal in Stanley Cup final history!]


689. Seasonal Hope

Winter's persistence--
a death mask grips,
yet spring will come.


688. Summer Fun

inner tube float--
i spin and look up to see
the clouds rotate


687. Another World

drop of water:
add a few continents...
you have a world


686. Football Fever

world cup
in high definition...
"he scooooores!"


685. Tension on a Twig

green twig...
a young caterpillar
inches closer


684. A Cold One

floating iceberg--
the highwater mark,
now vertical


683. Urgent Message

an ovenbird
makes a loud announcement...
dawn break


682. Beach Find

glass float...
more than fish escaped
from the net


681. Reveal

black beetle...
hidden from the world, till
the rock is lifted


680. A Summer Visitor

summer's return--
a chattering squirrel visits
before sunrise


679. Perspective

the earth stands
on the soles of my feet...
who's on top?


678. On its Way

wild rose
a petal comes loose
lifts in the breeze

[The Wild Rose is the official flower here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada...the home of the Edmonton Oilers NHL hockey team:
...who have made it to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since 1990!]


677. One of Those Days

long day--
a robin tugs on
a stubborn worm


676. A Drink

night rain:
transplanted lilacs get
another drink


675. His Essence

battle flag--
a bit of his essence
spills on the ground


674. On the Street

street singer...
the guitar case seeded
with a few coins


673. Late Spring

spring day
the pond just about
melts through


672. A Gift

first mowing...
i find a dog's gift
on the front lawn


670. Long Weekend

long weekend--
i stretch it longer with
the snooze button

[It was the Victoria Day yesterday here in Canada]


669. Tempest

a candy wrapper
tumbles across the yard--
storm clouds


668. Spilt Milk

the cow kicks
a pail of milk over...
purring cat


667. Updraft

office towers--
a grocery bag floats
sixteen floors up


665. Beach Combing

low tide
a mussel-covered shoe
full of sand


664. The Drop

narrow canyon...
a child drops a pebble
into the depths


662. Refuge

spring day
a frightened bunny disappears
under the deck


661. Playoff Season

hockey playoffs--
beards grow thicker
with every game


660. Sparks

a new log
thrown in the fireplace--
sparks ascend


658. A Minor Loss

a pine cone
drops into the stream...
chattering squirrel


489. Spring Fashions

dress shop--
headless mannequins model
bare essentials


656. Pine Stump

pine stump
a bug disappears
into a crack


655. Sun in the Clouds

through the clouds
the sun is sharp and clear--
cool on the eyes


654. Scotts Piper

field of heather--
a scotts piper plays
a sanguine tune


653. Fragrance

cherry blossoms
fill the river valley...
oh, the fragrance


652. Reflection

a new diamond
held up...reflection
in her eye


651. Some Seaweed

miso soup--
a piece of wakame, once
in the sea


650. A Maritime Reveal

dark sky
the lightning flash reveals
a floating log


649. Unwelcome Foul

unwelcome in the
prairie dog home...
burrowing owl


Part X: Journey's End

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

After endless switching back and forth we eventually reach the valley floor. The sun has been behind clouds for much of the day but as we reach the highway it comes out with a big smile. With tired bones we hike along the highway. We get a ride in the back of a truck to the bridge. Gord jogs to the car while I wait at the bridge with our gear. When we reach back home it is a joy to see everyone again and to tell of our journey. Gord cooks a nice pot of miso with the puff-balls from our packs.

puffball miso...
a bit of mountain in
each mouthful


Part IX: Hungry & Tired

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

It is now mid-afternoon and our thoughts are toward getting back home. We are feeling hungry and our feet, ankles, and legs are very, very tired. I had earlier severely buised my shin and my left knee is quite sore. The road eventually winds back to the South. This time we take a fork in the road that leads down the mountain and past a saw mill about half-way down. There is switch back after switch back and the way is quite steep. We are struck by evidence of recent torrential flooding as several switchbacks are completely washed out.

the way down
is easier than the way up--
cloudy afternoon


Part VIII: The Road Back

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

After a bit of lunch we enjoy the fruits of our efforts for a while and then its time to head back down. We depart shortly after 2:00 pm. We discover that a large section of the mountain to the southwest is clear cut. The going is therefore incredibly easy. The view to the West is spectacular and we can see all the way up the river valley. We eventually reach the limit of the clear cut. Fortunatey we find a road that leads back down the mountain.

the road we find
is the one from the start:
mountain side


Part VII: The Planting

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

The rock clearing at the summit has numerous cracks in it, one of them in the very centre is "doubled". We remove a couple of small chunks of rock from it, dig it out, and place the capsule in the small crevice. We cover it back with dirt, rocks, and moss. We then put in place a large, flat rock and cover it with a pile of other rocks. Hopefully, it will mark the spot for us some day in the future and it may conceal the capsule somewhat. Off in the distance is the sound of thunder.

summit cairn:
a brass seed is planted for
a future reaping


Part VI: Summit

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

It seems like forever that we have been tramping through the bush. We are relieved as the trees thin out and we finally reach what we believe is the summit at exactly 1:31 pm. There seems to be other summits to the East and we later discover one further to the West. This summit consists of a large flat out-cropping surrounded by pines on all sides. Here and there around us are clearings that treat us to amazing panoramic views.

how the views
take our breaths away--
summit clearing


Part V: Middle of Nowhere

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

We eventually convince ourselves to take a shortcut and plunge into the moderately thick brush. We pick our way through scrub and rock outcroppings. At what seems to be about half-way, we suddenly discover huckleberries. They are nice and sweet and we spend no little time enjoying them!

middle of nowhere...
we dine on berries at
a grizzly's table


Part IV: A Detour

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

Our choice of going South appears wrong after an hour or so of walking. Instead of going straight up to the top, the road winds around the mountain and to the East. Way down below to the South is the valley...we are so high up the mountain that the river can no longer be seen. We seem to be going away from the summit but it never gets out of our site.

mountain trail--
we get further along, but
no closer to the top


Part III: Puffballs

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

Our efforts up the steep side of the mountain eventually result in bringing us to a bit of a plateau and a forestry road. We choose to follow the road in a southerly direction as we feel that it will lead us to the mountain top. Along the way we find puffballs. Gord says we should collect them and we'll make miso soup with them later.

another puffball
in the road...my pack gets
a little heavier


Part II: Brambles

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

Early this morning we set off in fog rising off the river. We choose to head straight up the steep western slope. The climb starts off easy but soon we are clambering almost vertically up a broken rock face. After several hours of steady climbing we encounter a wide clump of tangled branches hanging over the cliff edge. We can either go straight up or work our way back down. We decide it is less dangerous to go forward. We go hand-over-hand through the tangled mass, trusting the branches, some dead, to hold our weights. One slip and we will hurtle straight back down.

we put our lives
in the hands of brambles...
hot morning


Part I: Brass Capsule

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

It is Friday evening, August 18, 1989. We are visiting our folks in British Columbia, Canada. A high mountain overlooks the town to the North East. My brother Gord and I prepare to ascend the summit. We pack a small brass cannister with time capsule items including a folded sheet of parchment with messages, a dollar, two shiney new 1989 pennies, and three dried beans.

summer evening...
more than beans and pennies
sealed in brass


638. A Waxwing Cloud

a waxwing cloud
splits into two halves...
who decides?


637. Wet Yard

water covers
the grass in the yard, will
the levee hold?


628. An Ant Returns

an ant returns
along its path of forage...
spring flood


635. Movie Night

movie night...
a few kernels left
on the couch


634. Onion Rings

onion rings...
it's the brotherhood,
gotta take this call


633. Chocolate Displays

chocolate displays
sprout up everywhere...
spring in the mall


632. Two-year Old

matching wits
with a two-year old..
unfair advantage?


631. Beach Froth

beach froth...
a night chill arrives
as the sun sets

Vaughn Seward


630. Mah Daddih

"mah daddih
gayvet hiz aw-uh"...
southern eulogy


629. Awakened

two am...
i lie here, awakened by
another insomniac


627. Altered

at the altar
on their wedding day...
lives altered


626. The Lilly Pad

full moon...
a frog hops off
the lily pad

625. Daylight Savings

daylight savings:
is the snooze button
my friend?


623. Spring Toys

several toys
emerge out of the snow
spring sun


622. Morning Bird Songs

morning bird songs...
tunes I haven't heard
for months

621. Tea Party

her brother
arrives at the tea party...
unwanted guest


620. Poppy Field

empty eyes
gaze at a poppy field...
journey's end


619. Sand Dollar

a sand dollar
under his left foot...
high tide


618. Giant Ameba

a giant ameba
swirls overhead...wait,
it's a flock of waxwings


617. Pack-ice

pack-ice all around...
among the icebergs ahead,
is that a mountain?


616. Highrise Condo

highrise condo...
the tv viewed more than
the million dollar view


615. Spawning Salmon

mountain stream...
the spawning salmon dies
in a grizzly's mouth


611. A Tear Forms on Her Cheek

a tear forms
on her cheek as a soap
plays on tv,
the knife in her hand
slices through an onion


515. Garbage Day

garbage day...
a magpie hops onto
the truck door


612. A Fly Settles

back of a cow...
a fly settles and soon
is brushed off


604. Moon Sliver

a moon sliver
in the western sky--
birth pains


602. A Snowflake

tenth floor...
a snowflake drifts near
then floats away


613. Sandy Beach

sandy beach...
flip-flop orphans among
driftwood and rubble

sandy beach...
flip-flops orphaned among
driftwood and rubble


586. Bayou Swamp

bayou swamp...
all around our boat,
thick with swans

600. Spring Sunset

spring sunset...
the rejected hopeful
looks in the mirrror


601. Spring Flurries

spring flurries...
snowflakes on my hand are
just not the same


562. Sea Storm

sea storm...
breaking clouds reveal
a crescent moon


606. The Spin

we spin into a
snow-filled ditch...
a semi speeds by


608. Great Dusky Swifts

Dardandelos Falls...
great dusky swifts
swarm in the canyon



561. Tea with Honey

the moon rises
over mount rundle...sips
of tea with honey


605. Spring Sale

spring sale:
her eye falls on a bargain
so she picks it up


545. Scarlet Ibises

mangrove forest...
a scarlet ibises roosts
in a muddy spot


540. Grey Morning

grey morning...
a whale on the beach lies
shrouded in fog


517. Her Dad's Feet

on her dad's feet...
penguin egg


486. High Tide

high tide--
feeling the moon's pull
in the waves


566. Masses Held in Sync

rising moon--
giant masses held in sync
with precision


597. After the Swim

maracas bay--
a shark & bake sandwich
after the swim


595. Some Dreams

with some dreams it's
for the better


592. Calfing Iceberg

calfing iceberg--
a thousand winters, falls, springs,
and summers


585. The Red Sleigh

a layer of ice
forms on the red sleigh--
february rains


593. Weathered Pine

snow accumulates
on a short, weathered pine:
canyon edge


591. Three Kigo Haiku

cherry blossoms
parched by august heat...
now under ice


590. Old John Deer

patch of daffodils--
the old john deer, parked
by a collapsed barn


526. Smiling Repairman

a smiling repairman
opens the furnace