Part VI: Summit

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

It seems like forever that we have been tramping through the bush. We are relieved as the trees thin out and we finally reach what we believe is the summit at exactly 1:31 pm. There seems to be other summits to the East and we later discover one further to the West. This summit consists of a large flat out-cropping surrounded by pines on all sides. Here and there around us are clearings that treat us to amazing panoramic views.

how the views
take our breaths away--
summit clearing


Eric said...

i am really enjoying this series. thank you for sharing.

Pat Paulk said...

These are excellent Vaughn!!

Masago said...

Eric: Thanks, it's my pleasure.

Pat: Thanks mucho, buddy.

floots said...

i'm there
what else can i say