Part IX: Hungry & Tired

[A Rider Brother Journey: This is part of a ten-part serialization of the story of a special hike I made with my Brother in 1989. It is based on a journal entry I made on August 19, 1989. It was recently revised into this semi-haibun format.]
The full text of the story to-date.

It is now mid-afternoon and our thoughts are toward getting back home. We are feeling hungry and our feet, ankles, and legs are very, very tired. I had earlier severely buised my shin and my left knee is quite sore. The road eventually winds back to the South. This time we take a fork in the road that leads down the mountain and past a saw mill about half-way down. There is switch back after switch back and the way is quite steep. We are struck by evidence of recent torrential flooding as several switchbacks are completely washed out.

the way down
is easier than the way up--
cloudy afternoon


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

the way down
is easier than the way up--
cloudy afternoon

Isn't everything that way? :)
I love these -- thanks for sharing them with us.

Nick Zegarac said...

Indeed, the way down may be easier but the way up is far more rewarding to those willing to invest in the journey. Great post.

Pat Paulk said...

Almost there, very good!!

Masago said...

Andrew, Nick, Pat: Thanks for your kind words.