632. Two-year Old

matching wits
with a two-year old..
unfair advantage?


Anonymous said...

game, set, match
one more worn out mom
surrenders at love


Pat Paulk said...

Toooo funny!!! Absolutely no way to win!!!

Masago said...

Kate: thanks again.

Pat: You got it!

Tim S said...

I empathise...
tired eyes and toddler screams
merge like traffic head on.

Touches my heart
like a marathon runner
clings to victory thought

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

you can't win! I've tried many times --- :)

Tim S said...

P.S. I am new at haiku and would be very appreciative of your feedback. Thanks so much.
My site is: lifeofastudentteacherwithkids.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

this is great :)