725. Freedom

cruise liner —
a seagull soars above
the midship pool


Aurora said...

I like this one!

Pat Paulk said...

The seagull's soaring isn't confined to water in a pool. Love the comparison!!

polona said...

ditto pat!

Masago said...

aurora: I am pleased you like this one. P.S. do you have a new poetry blog somewhere?

pat: you are insightful as usual. Thanks.

polona: you too. Thanks.

Aurora said...

No new blog, Vaughn, I just manage and post on my group blog, Magnapoets. ( www.magnapoets.blogspot.com )

Tikkis said...

thirsty kids
waiting something to drink
by the pool

Masago said...

aurora: Ah, I didn't know that was your blog, I'll check that out again. Thanks.

tikkis: nice (they'd better watch out).