706. World Cup Sorrow

red card:
short a man now
in the second half


polona said...

that's what a red card usually means :)... were you watching england vs. portugal?

Masago said...

polona: Yes, I was inspired by that game (although I wasn't necessarily cheering for either team to win).

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I wish I knew more about hockey! :)

polona said...

if i may step in - andrew, this is not about hockey, it's about football as it is called accross europe, or soccer in america. and for many fans (especially the european and south american ones) the world cup is the most important sporting event there is (not that i share their opinion)...

Masago said...

j: Yes, polona is correct...although by your ":)" I assume you were kidding around.

The equivalent for hockey moreover might be something like:

penalty whistle:
now a five on three
for two minutes