722. Morning Surprise

oh, mosquito,
little one in my shower...
cease fire?


Tikkis said...

harass distressed
my shower's dribbles

Tikkis said...

Published a translation of your nr. 722. in Finnish in address: 22.7.2006

polona said...

love it!

relax, spider
i won't sweep your web
this morning

Masago said...

tikkis: I trust your Finnish translation is close to my original. :-) Thanks.

Thank you polona...hey spider, you'd better watch out for polona this afternoon. :-)

Tikkis said...

Zen and translating poems:
My translation is close: small differences lies in your word 'little one'; I made it something like 'baby-one' as a mosquitos baby ;-)
and the last words you have verbal form, I made it a noun: 'tulitauko' is something they outh to make in Lebanon - area. (Again.)

Tim S said...

This poem formed an intersting echo of world events for me. Thanks Vaughn!

Nick Zegarac said...

Those pesky mosquitos - worse this season than I have ever known. You've captured the naked terror of humanity to fragile and exposed for a few quick blood sucking stabs.

Masago said...

tikkis: thanks again.

tim: the world events are shuddering to think about, aren't they?

nick: well put, thanks.

Tikkis said...

A mosquito?
No, just a F-16

Masago said...

tikkis: Aye, the little beggers sneak up fast (especially the military types).