724. Anniversary Poem

A year ago today (2005-07-24) I wrote the first of many haiku. This is that first one I wrote:

she closes her book
turns out the light...
summer weekend's end

In celebration of this event I present the following anniversary poem (#724):

oh butterfly...
are you so still because
i'm near?

I would like to thank all of you for your suggestions, kind words, and encouragement.


polona said...

congratulations, vaughn.
you celebrated the anniversary in a beautiful way.

floots said...

ditto polona
(and the best thank you is to keep writing them)

Pat Paulk said...

Congratulations Vaughn!! You "old" blogger you!! Love th 'ku in honor of your anniversary!!

Aurora said...

Wow, I love "oh butterfly"! Congrats on your anniversary, Vaughn. May you have many more great haiku years.:)

Masago said...

polona, floots, pat, aurora: thank you again for your regular comments and encouragement.

Tim S said...

Hi Vaughn

I really like both of these haikus. I appreciate the poignant moments you "catch" and share - thanks and congratulations on your haiku anniversary.

Masago said...

tim: thanks for your kind words and encouragement.