712. Weed Competition

goutweed patch--
blades of quack peek out
here and there


polona said...

nice image (thanks for making me learn new words)... am i wrong or is there another layer in this one?

Masago said...

polona: Thanks...as with most haiku the reader is encouraged to explore alternate interpretaions. With this haiku you are correct, there are other layers.

I leave one hint... goutweed is considered a weed yet many (here in Edmonton, at least) grow them as a decorative garden-bed cover. To see weeds growing among "weeds" seemed an odd juxtaposition to me.

Ashi said...

Two invasive species - this sounds like a war right in the backyard:
Wealth of green
not really welcome
They don’t care

Masago said...

ashi: Yes, although we planted the goutweed and kind of like the look. Now the quack...that's another story!