711. Hidden Danger

tin-can scarecrow:
a hornet's nest under
the right hand


Pat Paulk said...

Don't shake hands!

texas haijin said...

i echo, pat.

enjoying the haiku, vaughn!

Nick Zegarac said...

Very intense, Vaughn. There's a saintly parade of darkly thrust emotions imbedded in this piece that lend themselves to the thrust of thorny sting beneath one's palm. Ouch!

polona said...

that one would scare me off... another goodie, vaughn!

Masago said...

pat: I sort of did, and that is how I discovered the nest as I was suddenly surrounded by an angry swarm. Luckily I did not get stung.

dustin: thank you!

nick: You've descended the deeper depths of this image. Thanks.

polona: I did get a bit of a start. Thanks.

Tikkis said...

left hand heard
nothing about

Masago said...

tikkis: very true...had I passed by the left-hand side this haiku would likely not have been written.