710. Exchange of Nectar

bumble bee...
a tiny yellow blossom,
weighted down


floots said...

makes me wish i could draw/paint
i can see it so clearly
(i have a "bee" poem in the tray - but the pic is not of a bumble bee i need a camera with a better knowledge of insects) :)

Pat Paulk said...

Excellent Vaughn!! You can almost here it slurping.

Tikkis said...

Quiet, smooth landing!

polona said...

love this one, vaughn!
have seen it several times (well, the blossoms may not have been yellow) but could never ecpress it so beautifully.

texas haijin said...


Masago said...

floots: Thanks. I look forward to your bee poem. Let me know where you find such a camera. :-)

pat: Thanks.

tikkis; For sure. Thanks for the comment.

polona: Thanks.

dustin: Thanks.

Aurora said...

Very nice, Vaughn!

Masago said...

aurora: Thank you very much.