758. Gift from Above

under the bridge...
a pigeon feather twirls
to the ground



Pat Paulk said...

Does it fall as fast as a stone? Does it land as hard? I don't know what that means, but it made me think. Love it!!

Karasu said...

This haiku is as soft and delicate as the image it portrays Masago. Thank you.

PS: Can't log in to your comments page with my beta Blogger account (darn), so I am logging in here as "other". Alas, my picture will not grace your comments page. ;-)

floots said...

all hidden in a few words
nice one

polona said...

lovely, delicate image!

Bill said...

Do pigeon feathers have pigeons? Great moment.

Tim S said...

really like this one!

Masago said...

Pat: Ah, deep questions...glad to have spurred the ponder. Thanks.

Karasu: Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully the beta thing will be ironed-out soon.

Floots: Thanks, you've verbalized its character and identified aspects I hadn't considered.

Polona: Thank you.

Bill: Interesting thought. Thanks.

Tim: Thank you, mate!

Tikkis said...

Just allergy,
or Bird flu?

Masago said...

Tikkus: Hmmm...good question!