761. Anyone Home?

trickling dam...
a full pond yet beavers
remain unseen



floots said...

nice one
(up here it's the otters - i know they're there but .....)

polona said...

those elusive rodents :)
(a few families are supposed to live in slovenia but i haven't seen any signs of them)

Masago said...

Floots: Otters eh? Slippery little beggar! :-)

Polona: Are they native in Slovenia? I heard that same Canadian beavers were "inadvertently" brought to Chili/Argentina in the 1940's and now they are are becoming a menace as they have no natural predators there.

polona said...

masago, beavers are/were native to most of europe but were brought to the brink of extinction in many areas. i've heard they were reintroduced in austria and have been breeding successfully. some of those beavers apparently moved accross the border to slovenia and are claiming the land that had once belonged to them.

Pat Paulk said...

They can sure tear up some trees! They're definitely home!! Good one Vaughn!!

Masago said...

Polona: hopefully they will succeed (but not too successfully).

Pat: Thanks Pat!