734. Professional Rivalry

"my proof's shorter
than yours"


Hototogisu said...

Ouch! said the post-graduate philosophy student.

Philosophers tend to be anything but concise ... Wittgenstein's "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus" runs to 85 pages which I think is a record in philosophical brevity.

Maybe you mean mathematicians or computer scientists? ; )

floots said...

do you think they drive big cars as proof symbols

Pat Paulk said...

The shortest distance between two points, but then, some prefer the scenic route. Good one Vaughn!!

polona said...

guess a conversation like this could last for days... :)

Tikkis said...

in the hospice
who had the longest night

Masago said...

karasu: You certainly must know better about this than me, I only took a logic course from the Philosophy department in University. I had assumed (usually the first mistake) that although Philosophers were proud of their lengthy proofs that their collegues and rivals would be even more pleased to find shortcuts and/or more elegant solutions. But maybe this IS more in the mathematics realm. Thanks for the feedback.

floots: Thanks...I wonder.

pat: I know I like the scenic route sometimes (except when on the way home and I'm hungry). :-) Thanks.

polona: or maybe not as long as that ... *hee hee*

tikkis: i.e. who was awakened the least? :-)

Aurora said...

Vaughn, you are quite right, especially when it concerns logic, both symbolic and applied. (Philosophy was my major) In fact, we used to get extra credit for shortening our essays as much as possible, while retaining the most info. I always thought that helped me in writing haiku.

Masago said...

Thank you Aurora for for your insights. I'd love to read some of your haiku. :-)