765. Help Me

up-ended turtle:
head and limbs flail
in the gentle breeze



Hototogisu said...

this haiku is absolute perfection, masago!

i love the nature theme. i love the implication of the fragility of life in the line "upended turtle". and i really love the clever contrast in lines 2 and 3 -- the flailing "head and limbs" of the turtle, and the "gentle breeze".

Tim S said...

Love the word flail!

polona said...

poor turtle!
hope he got back on his feet :)
good one!

Masago said...

Hoto: Thank you for your kind words.

Tim: :-)

Polona: Yes, I hope that in the wild this is an uncommon occurrence. Thanks.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I always hate seeing that. sad.

Masago said...

Andrew: fortunately you don't see it often (at least I don't). :-)