733. Forewarning

a pop can rolls
across the vacant lot –
sudden storm


Aurora said...

I like this one.

Hototogisu said...

It was worth waiting for Vaughn.

I can really relate to this one -- there is a vacant, junk-filled lot right next door to my apartment building. Soft drink cans (aka pop cans) regularly go on little journeys across the lot in the wind.

They always seem to make such a lonely, empty sound as they roll ...

Pat Paulk said...

When the pop cans roll it's time to go! Good one Vaughn!!

floots said...

ubiquitous drinks cans
not as attractive as robins
but i'm sure they breed as fast :)

polona said...

well done again, vaughn!
(cans and vacant lots really seem to be the same everywhere)

Masago said...

aurora: Thank you.

karasu: Thanks...Sometimes a storm wind wind energizes more that soft drink cans...e.g. I originally wrote this as a bucket clanging across a farm yard.

pat: Take cover! Thanks pat.

floots: Thats for sure...the litter of litter. :-)

polona: Yep, thanks polona.