755. Foul Alarm

still morning...
a magpie's caw portends
summer's end



floots said...

i love the bleak beauty of this one

Tikkis said...

and thunderclouds;
summer still continues?

polona said...

i like this one, and can relate :)

Nick Zegarac said...

Sadly yes. I destest Fall because it is the prelude to winter. You've captured that bitter start of misplaced apprehension beautifully.

Aurora said...

Okay, Mr. High-and-Lofty, what right do you have using a word like "portend" in a haiku?:):):)

And I LOVE fall, because it IS the prelude to winter.:)

Anonymous said...

i like :)

Plus Ultra said...

Nick speaks for me...I like this

Pat Paulk said...

For the first time in my life I'm ready for summer to end. Love this!!

Masago said...

floots: Thanks there lad.

tikkis: Yes, Summer continues, for a couple of weeks anyhow. :-)

polona: Thanks.

Nick: Actually, Fall is my favurite season and I like Winter as well. Although I can see this can be interpreted two ways, the sadness could also be for the ending of Summer which I also like (Spring is my least favorite because of the mud and wind). :-)

Aurora: Yeah, the word came to me and I was too tempted to use it. I may perhaps revise this one at a later time.

its_baxter: Thanks.

plus_ultra: Thanks.

pat: It's been a hot one, eh?