Linked Verse Collaboration: The Virtual Za

Some of you may have discovered a collaboration between Hototogisu and me. For several weeks now we have been creating a renku-like 36-verse linked poem. Each post is either a two-line or a three-line haiku-like poem in which each verse links in some way to the previous one and goes through the seasons beginning with Summer and ending in Spring. Renku has a long tradition in Japan. We are following many of these traditions but have simplified things in some ways (e.g. Moon, Blossom, and Love references are not mandatory).

Our semi-daily posts appear in The Virtual Za Blog.

In order to keep track of seasons, kigo, link types, and so on, we use the following Google spreadsheet:

The Virtual Za Work Sheet

We invite you to follow along.


Collin said...

I am enjoying this renku Vaughn, thank you for including it in your blog.

I've also been enjoying your haiku, and I am impressed not only with the quality, but how you've managed to link them here as well.

Very nice.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm definitely going to look at it!

Masago said...

Collin: I am glad you are enjoying the renku (which, of course, is a collaboration with hototogisu) and my blog haiku.

The linking process with my blog haiku has been enjoyable and is a slightly different process than with the renku.

With renku one writes a haiku based on a linkage need. However, with my blog haiku, I typically write several haiku from my daily experiences in advance (up to 20-30 at any given time). I then look for natural linkages that are already there. There has only been a couple of cases where I have actully written a haiku strictly for its linkage value.

Andrew: Thanks buddy!