787. One of Them

autumn breeze...
a cabbage moth among
the scattering leaves



Hototogisu said...

very, very nice masago -- particularly the implication that the cabbage moth bore a resemblance to the scattering leaves. i was watching one of these fluttering around the sand dunes here in a spring breeze last sunday -- it was so beautiful and delicate -- i was enthralled.

Aurora said...

This is good, Vaughn.

Tikkis said...

Again just
a dying leaf :(

floots said...

butterflies manage to sum up the ephemeral just by living
(oops - guess we do the same) :)
loved this one

Pat Paulk said...

The constant of the universe is change, even the moth recognizes it. Excellent Vaughn!!

polona said...

beautiful, love it!

Jon Cox said...

Very Well Said! :o)

Masago said...

Hototogisu: Thank you, my friend. They do flutter around in such a way that one can easily be enthralled.

Aurora: Thank you.

Tikkis: :-)

Floots: For sure. :-) Thanks.

Pat: Change rules! Thanks.

Polona: Thank you.