870. Not Forgotten

patch of ice...
a remembrance day poppy


Masago said...

870. Not Forgotten

patch of ice...
a remembrance poppy

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[Inevitably some peoples' Remembrance Day poppies sometimes manage to come loose. The one in this haiku found its way into a puddle that later froze over...perhaps as a reminder in kind of the hardships our soldiers suffered on our behalf.]

Aurora said...

This is effective.

john McDonald said...

like it

patpaulk said...

Beautiful Vaughn!!

Pamela said...

All your ice/snow ones have been thought provoking.
Just listening to the rain and thinking about the melting ice, and poppy floating down the sewage pipe, to the creek and headed for the oceon.

Where it will be eaten by a grouper.
The fishing boat will snag the grouper and the lady at the fish processing plant with the missing finger (she learned slowly to use her sharp blade) will slice it open, be delighted by the soggy red plastic bloom, tenderly remove it, and take it home to her little bowl of fish gut suprises that she saves to show her grandchildren.

floots said...

very powerful image

(i think i've solved the problem and i can now comment again) :)

Polona said...

ditto to powerful!

Masago said...

Aurora: Thank you.
John: Thanks.
Pat: Thank you.

Pamela: *smile* ... You have an incredible imagination.

Floots: Thanks...glad you can post comments again. :-)

Polona: Thank you!