888. Meteorological Tease

light snowfall —
the weather mocks my
shoveling efforts


Masago said...

light snowfall -
the weather mocks my
shoveling efforts

Link with 887: Snowfall

[What can I say? Sometimes nature likes to smile at me. I hope he is amused.]

Pamela said...

And sometimes the snow plow, too. Haven't you ever just finished your driveway .. and varroooom swoosh, along comes the snow plow and covers the street end of your drive.

(Write a 4 letter word in the snow - you might just get through the whole word this time!!!)

Aurora said...

Nicely done, Vaughn. (longing for some snow here:( )

Tim S said...

Keep up the hard work - happy new Year!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

glad it's you and not me! :)
Happy New Year, my friend.

Tikkis said...

You are trying to work in a nature reserve for snowfalls? :)

John McDonald said...

nice one vaugh
happy new year

Polona said...

yikes :-)

floots said...

too true
one morning last winter i cleared the driveway three times

trinitystar said...

:o) :O) seems like the weather has the last laugh on you.
good one.
Ive come via Pat's

Masago said...

Pamela: Yeah, that happened to us a few years back, what a pain. Now days thankfully they send around a bobcat afterward (too many folks were screaming murder).

Aurora: Thanks. Hope you get some snow in the new year.

Tim: Thanks buddy.

Andrew: :-) Thanks, HNY to you too.

Tikkis: Feels like it.

John: Thanks, HNY.

Polona: :-)

Floots: Right, by the end of the winter my energy for it declines.

trinitystar: :-) Thanks for dropping by. Glad you found me. My regards to Pat :-)

Pat Paulk said...

Been many, many years, but I remember the feeling.

Masago said...

Pat: Too many years...you need it to help build character (at least that is what has been drilled into me).