862. Change

i find a nickel
embedded in my slice...
take-out pizza



Aurora said...

I'm sorry, but this is FUNNY, Vaughn! :)

Anonymous said...

Good thing haiku is only 3 lines.
The 4th line may have been
Broken Tooth!

Borut said...

What we get for a change!?:)

John McDonald said...


Pat Paulk said...

Chomping change!! Did you make the pizza guy mad??

Anonymous said...

dead mouse
in their frozen pizza . . .
finger lickin good!

What a coincidence. The above verse summarises a story just on the late night news here. Happened in South Australia. An investigation by health authorities is underway. McCains Food Limited is the manufacturer. McCains was established in 1957 in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada. Seems to be a Canadian habit . . . ;-)

gautami tripathy said...

I agree with aurora. It is funny!


polona said...

this one made me smile before i read other comments :)

Aurora said...

"Seems to be a Canadian habit . . . ;-) " - Senile Butterfly

Uh, SB? Don't be bitter against us Canadians because you didn't know what a touque is. :)

Anonymous said...

AA: I know what a "toque" is, but I'm damned if I can work out what a "touque" is! Poisoning pizzas . . . corrupting the language . . . is there no end to Canadian skullduggery? ;-)

Aurora said...

Hey, it can also be spelled "touque". In fact, here in Canada, it usually is:



Anonymous said...

QED. ;-)

Masago said...

Aurora: No need to apologize. :-)

Pamela: I'm not that comfortable beyond 3 lines. :-) Anyway, there was no broken teeth, the nickel was "caught" in time (see my response to Pat).

Borut: Yeah! :-)

John: :-)

Pat: Well, the incident that inspired this senryu actually took place at a chicken place. I was emptying a little bowl of sauce into another bowl and a nickel rolled out. This was actually pretty creepy as I had been dipping into that bowl of sauce. In the end, writing about a bowl of sauce in a chicken place with a nickel in it turned out to be too much trouble to write in three lines. :-)

SB: I'm sure that there was some kind of Assie sabotage associated with that to discredit a Canadian company. :-)

Gautami, Polona: I'm pleased you were amused.

Aurora, SB: Okay you kids, stop fighting! :-)

Anonymous said...

McCain Foods has pleaded guilty to two breaches of the Food Act after a dead mouse was discovered in a frozen pizza bought in Adelaide.

The company is fighting more charges in a Victorian court, while the Salisbury man who ate the contaminated pizza wants a payout.

Peter Box is hoping that this week's trial in the Ballarat Magistrates Court will deliver him a healthy slice of compensation.

Ever since he and his eight-year-old son bit into a McCain's frozen pizza last November, he has been trying to find out how the mouse got there.

"I hope McCain's don't do it again," Mr Box said.

Ballarat Council prosecutor Peter Burns told the court that witnesses would claim mice had found their way into the McCain's pizza factory through an open roller door.

The court heard "there was medium mice activity on the wall of the pizza crust line and food debris had not been cleaned up after the production line had been shut down."

A witness from Adelaide Zoo will testify that the mouse's teeth and hips had been crushed by significant downward pressure.

Mr Burns said that happened when the mouse went through a rolling machine which perforates the base of the pizza.

McCain Foods is refusing to allow the media to see a video which shows the pizza production line.

They claim it contains commercially-sensitive information.

The company has already pleaded guilty to two charges under the Food Act, but it is facing another two charges.

If found guilty on all four counts, McCain could be fined a maximum of $800,000.

Masago said...

SB: Thanks for the update.