887. Signature

just short
of finishing his last name —
fresh-fallen snow


Masago said...

just short
of finishing his last name -
fresh-fallen snow

Link with 886: Hot on cold.

[This is something, I'm sure, that most boys (where there is snow) have tried at least once.]

Pamela said...

bwahhhhaaa hahahahahahaa

Borut said...

Somebody has to sign on this year's last pages, the year deserves it, like any other, when it comes to an end!:) LIfe on this planet earth is transitory, the years pass, the signatures dissapear, only change seems to be permanent!:) Fresh-fallen snow. Wow!:)

John McDonald said...

nice one to finish another year vaugh. Have a happy and joyous new year

Richard K said...

So near, and yet so far. Happy New Year, Masago!

Polona said...

made me laugh out loud :)

happy new year!

Borut said...

I'm late, according to Slovenian standards!:) Three hours to go. Happy New Year, Vaughn!

mattm said...

enjoyed - if only we had the snow here to try this out again...

Happy New Year!

Masago said...

Pamela: Hee-hee. :-)

Borut: You have summarized this well. I like how you worked in the transitory nature of this type of signature. HNY too! Thanks.

John: Thanks John. Cheers to you and yours!

Richard: For sure, mate. Thanks for great memories. See you next year!

Polona: I'm pleased you were amused. HNY!

mattm: It's not the same in dirt. :-)


Tikkis said...

Just like my poems,
first wrote and published --
then forgotten! :)

floots said...

ah the joys of yellow snow :)
transience is all
good one

Masago said...

Tikkis: I know the feeling. :-)

Floots: :-)

Pat Paulk said...

I don't remember if I tried that when I was living in the North, but then, I can't imagine I didn't. Definitely a boy thing!!

Masago said...

Pat: :-) ...yeah, definitely a boy thing.