860. End of Season

school yard...
footprints in the snow
from base to base



Aurora said...

Very nice image.:)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

when it snows here, there isn't school --- no one knows how to drive in it! :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like Duck Duck Goose.

John McDonald said...


polona said...

another fine image!

Pat Paulk said...

Time to move the playing indoors. I love playing and this has playing regardless of weather. Love it!!

Masago said...

Aurora: Thanks.

Andrew: :-) If we did that here, the kids would love it, they'd be home 6-7 months of the year. :-)

Pamela: Yeah, but it's no fun sitting in the centre with all that snow.

John: Thank you.

Polona: Thank you!

Pat: Thanks...you're right, time for tiddly winks. ;-)