871. Arrested Motion

gravity's pull
suspended till spring...
frozen waterfall


Masago said...

gravity's pull
suspended till spring...
frozen waterfall

Link with 871: Locked in ice.

[We often would go on a winter holiday to Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. At the end of the lake is waterfall that freezes in the winter. One time I was there and a couple of fellows were climbing it. I approached the scene to get a closer look when I suddenly realized that was a bad idea. I scurried out of the way just in time to avoid getting hit by a chunk of ice that a climber had dislodged. Here is photos of similar frozen waterfalls from the area:


Aurora said...

AHA! :)

Pamela said...

the one person had what looked like appropriate gear.
but it looks cold and dangerous.

john McDonald said...

love it

Anonymous said...

Nature - the great miracle worker!:) Of the working class, that is! Who is the real boss!?:)Impressive!:)

Anonymous said...

Forgot my name. Borut!:)

patpaulk said...

Love the photos!! I wouldn't mind gravity giving me a break. Very good!!

Polona said...

no suspention of gravity for the climbers... enjoyed!

floots said...

great wordpic
and photopix

Tikkis said...

Waterfall is frozen,
no more water.

- who stole the rest of the water!

(Aha, the answer is submerged
deep in the lake?)

Masago said...

Aurora: :-)

Pamela: *smile* Yes, it was also dangerous being under them.

John: Thanks.

Borut: Yes, who is the real boss, indeed!

Pat: Ha! Gravity is relentless. Thanks.

Polona: So true. Glad you enjoyed.

Floots: Thanks.

Tikkis: Ah, yes...the magic of sub-zero weather. :-)