872. Night and Day

wide awake
all night...not so
awake today


Masago said...

wide awake
all night...not so
awake today

Link with 871: Suspended (waterfall / sleep).

I'm not sure why sometimes my body wants to follow another time zone...could it be all the Japanese language TV I've been watching?

Senile Butterfly said...

Me too . . . must be catching! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like every day for me!

Tikkis said...

Same feelings, I think my body is sailing to the east; every morning I have lost an hour from my sleeping time?

How about short naps in the middle of afternoon!?

Who says the 24-hours day is a right one? I think it ought be at least 25 hours long?

Pat Paulk said...

Know this feeling well!!

Pamela said...

You've been watching Japanese TV??

How do you get that ?

Polona said...

i'm lucky insomnia doesn't visit me too often... but i know the feeling :)

Masago said...

SB: That's right, we'll all soon be speaking Japanese. Ah so. :-)

Andrew: *LOL*

Tikkis: I agree, we need maybe even 30-hour days. :-)

Pat: :-)

Pamela: We are able to get NHK from our local cable provider. It costs extra though. Here is the website for NHK, it has some freebees including radio programs in Japanese and Japanese language lessons:


Polona: Yes, I don't get it too often either. When I do get it I usually lie awake writing haiku. :-)

Senile Butterfly said...

Ooops . . . I meant the insomnia. Not the Japanese lessons. :-)

Tikkis said...

Thanks for NHK link! Listened one lesson! (I first read NHK as NHL!)

We don't have a cable TV in Turku in use (it's a little bit expensive) The 'official' digi-TV channels are enough for us. Finnish TV 1,2,3 and 4, sports, Finnish-Swedish, News24, and 'Teema'. Teema is good for us. Cultural programs. Oh, then there is also SubTV, I think someone owns it? Finnish TV 4 is also a privat one. And sure, TV3! And one local, TurkuTV. There is available some more privat digi-channels; we don't have the time for those and that's why we don't pay anything extra.

(I myself listen different news from Internet, and some music also, now added NHK into my lists...)

So many reasons to keep ourselves wide awake, also? ;(

Masago said...

SB (Senbu?): :-)

Tikkis: I am pleased you are finding NHK useful. You are right about so many things to keep one busy into the wee hours.