874. Cycle Renewed

snowflakes settle
on eggshells and feathers —
robin's nest


Masago said...

snowflakes settle
on eggshells and feathers —
robin's nest

Link with 873: Nest.

[The end to the story of one year's cycle is symbolized by snowflakes falling and covering the artifacts of chicks hatching, leaving the nest, and flying South. The cycle is thereby renewed for another year.]

Aurora said...


Pamela said...

that was full of motion... and emotion

John McDonald said...

love its delicacy

Pat Paulk said...

Time to move when the snow falls!!

gautami tripathy said...

too good.

Polona said...

snowflakes replacing the birds... excellent.

Senile Butterfly said...

I really like this one.

Masago said...

Aurora, Pamela, John, Gautami, Polona, SB: Thanks.

Pat: The birds (some of them) have that option. ;-)

Tikkis said...

Snow robin's nest
with soft snow!

(I didn't got the latin name for snow-robin?)

Masago said...

Tikkis: That is a lovely haiku.