873. Warm Repose

dad snoozes
on the couch...the cat
finds a cushion


Masago said...

dad snoozes
on the couch...the cat
finds a cushion

Link with 872: Awake / Not awake.

[As far as the cat is concerned Dad is just an inconvenient intervention...although his warm tummy is a bonus.

This is something I posted to Pamela's blog a couple of weeks ago:


Pat Paulk said...

Mine loves my lap, and is upset right now I have the laptop in my lap.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm the same, but my daughters are the ones laying on me. :)

John McDonald said...

like it vaugh

Borut said...

Good vibrations!:)

Tikkis said...

The couch
must be very happy!

Polona said...

cute! :)

Bill said...

Family arrangements. Nicely observed, Vaughn.

Pearl said...

I can't beelive I haven't travelled our way before.

Love the linked year renga idea.

Masago said...

Pat: Lap-suitors, eh?

Andrew: Such a sweet family scene.

John: Thanks John.

Borut: Th-th-a-a-n-n-k-k-s, B-bbb-ru-rut-t-t! :-)

Tikkis: Couch-suitors? :-)

Polona: :-)

Bill: Thanks Bill.

Pearl: Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Please visit again soon.

gautami tripathy said...

it brought a smile.

Masago said...

Gautami: :-) Thanks for commenting.