875. Fetch

a maple seed
twirls down...the dog
nearly catches it


Masago said...

a maple seed
twirls down...the dog
nearly catches it

Link with 874: Egg / Seed.

[Dogs are known to try and eat just about anything. The more disgusting the better. Sometimes they will also try and catch odd things moving around them. Cats, especially kittens, do this too but they seldom fail to miss their mark.]

Aurora said...

This is nice.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

"nearly" - perfect!!

Pamela said...

I try to catch them, too.

Ours fall in early summer

John McDonald said...

nice one again

gautami tripathy said...

dog nearly misses it!

Pat Paulk said...

Nearly caught before life can begin. Excellently penned!!

polona said...

"nearly" makes this haiku work.
good one!

Tikkis said...

Dog drove off
the cheeky cat --
the seed was saved!?

Masago said...

Aurora: Thank you.

Andrew: Thanks.

Pamela: :-) They fall here early too, but sometimes there are stragglers.

John: Thanks!

Gautami: :-)

Pat: Yes, a narrow escape.

Polona: Thank you muchly.

Tikkis: A plausible explanation. :-)