852. Break-through

frosty sunrise —
the crunching sound of ice
in an alley puddle



Aurora said...

Vaughn, I still break ice puddles! :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

This one really brings sound to it. I was "hearing" the steps when I read it. Really! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah!!!! I bought some yaktrax so I'm ready for some frosty puddles

floots said...

love the words and the moment

John McDonald said...

nice vaugh

Pat Paulk said...

Frosty and thin is better than frozen and impenetrable.Love it Vaughn!!

polona said...

love this one! i could hear it, too :)

Borut said...

I really like this one, the icicle and the twig, the latter in particular. Your expression is so concise. I lot to learn from you...!:)

Masago said...

Aurora: You, somehow I can picture that :-)

Andrew: Thanks!

Pamela: For sure (I wrote this when we had frosty puddles. Everything now is a frozen mass under a foot of white stuff).

Floots: Thank you, laddy!

John: Thanks, John.

Pat: You got it (and now we've got, if you get my drift). Thanks.

Polona: Thanks, my friend.

Borut: Thank you for such kind words!