845. Buddies

a stone supports
the curled, dried leaf...
mountain path



floots said...

loved the wry observational power of this
i smiled at the humour - but also saw the path

John McDonald said...

delicately put vaughn

Pat Paulk said...

At the end one reaches the top. Very well done!!

polona said...
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polona said...

i remember this one... still love it!
thanks for the reference in the notes :)

Aurora said...

This is excellent.

And yep, Polona is running around the internet, bringing inspiration.:) I know she inspires me.

Masago said...

Floots: Thank you, lad!

John: Thank you, John.

Pat: Wow, nicely put...

at the end
a leaf reaches the top --
mountain path

Polona: Thank You for your inspiration(s).

Aurora: Thank you, Aurora (I agree).

Anonymous said...

Nice haiku!
And reading it with Polona's photo is as a good talking between good friends.

I wonder how the leaf is managed over there? Still going strong?

Masago said...

Tikkis: Thank you. These poetry blogs have created an international community of friends, haven't they? As for the leaf, yes, I wonder how it is doing. Perhaps Polona can give us an update the next time she is up there.

Anonymous said...

Just checked Polona's leaf, everything still going strong!

Been a little bit hurry up these days, and seems continuing.

I'm waiting my Xmas holiday, planning to visit my mother-in-law in Portugal, where she is spending his winter time. (She lives in Ilomantsi, eastern Finland.)
But perhaps we are staying here in Turku, and doing just nothing!