847. Feet Up

early winter...
in the sill, a ladybug
on its back



Aurora said...

Okay, are we doing a dead bug theme, because if so, I'm going to get sad. :):):)

Good one, Vaughn. Tis the season.....

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


floots said...

love this one vaughn because for me it contains the lot -
a tinge a comic-book humour
the passing of time
natural observation
an awareness of our own mortality

(apologies for long comment - i've only just got up and i'm full of words) :)

John McDonald said...

nice again vaughn

Pat Paulk said...

Yep, you put the essence of life on the upturned feet of a ladybug!! Vaughn, you're an oyster with an endless supply of pearls!!

polona said...

why did noone tell that ladybug it's supposed to make it through the winter... :-(
good one!

Masago said...

Aurora: Sorry about that. ;-) Thanks.

Andrew: Thanks.

SB: Perhaps, but not a lot of Sun around here lately. :-)

Pamela: :-)

Floots: Thank you for your long comment. It is most welcome. :-)

John: Thanks, John.

Pat: You make me blush. ;-) Thanks!

Polona: It was a sad day, poor thing.