846. Sojourn

autumn kitchen —
a buzzing fly settles
on an edge



Anonymous said...


no escape—
     yell in a loud voice
          till you're dead

--Taneda Santoka

Anonymous said...

about three weeks ago we had them
thick and slow.

I sneak up on them and clap my hands right above them. Flies always take up straight up -- and they fly right into my clapping hands.
So my take would be:

A buzzing fly promenades
on the edge
I applaud

ha ha ha... then make sure you scrub your hands

John McDonald said...

nice one

Plus Ultra said...

The November offerings are preciously lovely, speaking to the heart and the soul..senile butterfly has an interesting intput, makes your poem even better if both are set side by side

Pat Paulk said...

I wrote a poem last Sunday--that I can't get finished, about a fly flying around me in the boat. Trying to avoid the inevitable!!

Aurora said...


polona said...

i like this one :)
funny, i've been trying to compose a fly haiku (yes, they're sneaking in here, too) lately but couldn't make it work...

Masago said...

SB: That's a painful expression. Thanks for sharing that.

Pamela: Them little beggars are sneaky. And that is a clever idea with the hand-clapping...kinda messy though. :-)

John: Thank you.

Plus: I agree about November...some nice poems are being written. Thanks.

Pat: Wow, I look forward to seeing a fly-boat-destiny poem in the near future.

Aurora: ;-)

Polona: Thanks. I know the feeling. Sometimes I see a concept and wonder if I could ever work it into a haiku. Quite often something will inspire the words to flow.

Anonymous said...

I was smiling myself a while when reading this haiku and the comments! Agree with plus ultra!

Here inside the EU this buzzing fly would announced an object of protection? So beware not to make any harm for it!

Masago said...

Tikkis: I'm pleased you were amused. I don't understand what you mean re: "announced an object of protection"?