835. Bowing Out

first snowfall...
stalks of rhubarb begin
leaning over



J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Glad I'm not there! I hate cold weather and snow!

Tim S said...

Captures winter death. (Hope that's not too black!)

John McDonald said...

snow already? wow, nice haiku

Pat Paulk said...

Only a first taste, a warning as it were...good one Vaughn!!

Tikkis said...

a frozen frog
into a snowbank

(We have a children's song where a frog sleeps under the rhubarb...)

polona said...

the essence of the season in these few words... onjoyed.

Masago said...

Andrew: Sissy! *kidding* ;-]

Tim: Mostly white, actually. :-0

John: Yep, snowed again last night. Thanks!

Pat: Thanks, I fear you are right.

Tikkis: Cute!

Polona: Thank you my friond!