The Virtual Za Renku Has Been Completed

The Renku collaboration between Hototogisu and me that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is now complete! This is a renku-like 36-verse linked poem that was started on August 7, 2006.

Each post is either a two-line or a three-line haiku-like poem in which each verse links in some way to the previous one and goes through the seasons beginning with Summer and ending in Spring. Renku has a long tradition in Japan. We are following many of these traditions but have simplified things in some ways (e.g. Moon, Blossom, and Love references are not mandatory).

The complete Renku appearis in The Virtual Za Blog.

To keep track of seasons, kigo, link types, and so on, we used the following Google spreadsheet:

The Virtual Za Work Sheet.


Tim S said...

Great achievement guys! Very inspiring - keeping a Japanese tradition alive - good on you.

Tikkis said...

Great work, printed it and will read it through some day!

polona said...

well done, both of you!
enjoyed reading it.

Masago said...

On behalf of Hototogisu and myself, thank you for your words of encouragement and support.