821. Guerilla Gardening

flower box —
a cigarette butt planted
face down



Anonymous said...

ha! how fiendishly clever ... and a not uncommon sight.

Anonymous said...

do you just look at things as you are coming and going and this comes to you? or do you have to WORK at it

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like how you did this -- perfect opposite.

John McDonald said...

nice stuff again

Borut said...

Hahaha:))) Planting one's secondary (conditioned) self in the flower box of life in the hope that it will grow up to be a flower. The butt of the flowers of our real self... (just a thought:))

Pat Paulk said...

Love the contrast od life and death here. You are really nailing these!!

Masago said...

Senile: Thanks. ;-)

Pamela: For the most part these haiku derive form things I see coming and going. The better ones are more like like them appearing to me. I will see something and suddenly realize, "Wow, that's a haiku". Of course, the work comes in crafting the experince into something aesthetic.

Since August I have been linking them as well. To do this effectively I have, at any given time, 10-20 haiku in a draft form. As a write them I look for natural links. Only occasionally do I resort to writing a haiku just so it fits in to a link in the chain.

Thank you for asking. :-)

Andrew: Thank you.

John: Thanks.

Borut: Interesting thought. Amazing what thoughts are inspired by a few poetic words. :-)

Pat: Thanks mucho!

Tikkis said...

Light breeze
brings fresh air
from highway

Masago said...

Right, that is much needed. :-)