802. A Veritable Fountain

exotic smoothness
flows from her mouth...
bottle of shiraz



John McDonald said...

good taste!

floots said...

appeals to my senses

Pat Paulk said...

Maybe a little "smoothing" going on on both sides of the bottle!!

polona said...


Masago said...

John: I agree.

Floots: Mine too.

Pat: Aye there lad, I think you've got something.

Polona: mmmm...

Tikkis said...

poet waters
his plants

Ps. 1
Some day walking around outskirts I found a small plantation of hemp! Don't tell the police!

Ps. 2
Shiraz is known as the poetic capital of Persia, because two of the greatest poets of the world, Hafez (1324-1391) and Sa'di (1209-1291), come from this city.

Ps. 3. Wonder whether tasted shiraz-wine, it's also common in Australia? (Often I have no idea how the wine is called I enjoy!)

Tim S said...

mouth watering - is the bottleshop open?

Tikkis - yes, shiraz is a common drop here down under.


Masago said...

Tikkis: *Mum's the word*

I did not know that about Shirz in Persia...very interesting and relevant to this ku.

Shiraz, the wine, is not so uncommon here in Canada either, but it seems exotic to me.

Tim: Cheers mate!