822. One in the Crowd

through a cloud
of falling leaves...one clings
to the windshield



Anonymous said...

my message to that one falling leaf: let go and achieve enlightenment little leaf!

very nice, masago.


Anonymous said...

It was red - and I think it was a flowering crabapple.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Ah, autumn. :)

John McDonald said...

very nice

polona said...

i had a similar experience today...

Masago said...

sb: ...run little leaf, run!

Pamela: {-:

Andrew: Ah, indeed!

John: Thanks.

Polona: Again...wow, maybe we are living in parallel universes. :-)

Tim S said...

looks like its clinging for life!

Tikkis said...

traveled a while
a leaf drops away
on leafless area

Masago said...

Tim: For dear life...of course we turned the corner and it was soon among its brothers and sisters.

Tikkis: For a leaf, so true.