808. Not Alone

country weekend...
a faint rustling sound
in the walls



Aurora said...

Eeek! Rats? Mice? Really big spiders with combat boots? :)

Nicely done, Vaughn. (How are those Hebrew lessons coming along?)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

In the walls? Wow, don't know what to think. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh... I've heard them...
I followed the scratching sound...
and then I found them getting into the bottom drawer where I kept my rolling pin and flour sifter...etc

Scratching in the walls
peanut-butter disguised

John McDonald said...

nice vaugh heard them in the old croft as a boy

Pat Paulk said...

Heard those sounds before. It's the ones I don't hear that worry me. Very good!!

polona said...

eerie sounds for someone not used to them... nice :)

Masago said...

Aurora: Yes, I was told by the cottage owner that they were mice. Very creepy (I am continuing with my Hebrew studies, thanks for asking, and for your kind comments).

Andrew: Think: "Yikes!"

Pamela: Yikes! Get out the traps! ...oh, I see you did...well done.

John: Creepy, eh? Thanks.

Pat: You've got it, although I prefer not to hear anything. Thanks.

Polona: That's for sure. Thanks.

Tikkis said...

wide awake
because of
noiseless night

(Got the same feelings in our cottage in Eastern Finland!)

Masago said...

Tikkis: Them little beggars are the same everywhere, I suppose. I like your use of "noiseless" here.