818. Meals on Wheels

a crow pecks
at something on the road...



Anonymous said...

our neighbor has a black walnut tree.. and the crows pick them and drop them on the asphalt. They wait for cars to run over them or sometimes they will crack open when then hit.

so this was very real to me

John McDonald said...

nice one

Tikkis said...

Car passed
in a hurry --
no crow, no left-overs.

polona said...

i love (almost) anything with crows in it... good one!

Pat Paulk said...

What???? No fresh road kill... Poor crow. Excellent Vaughn!!

Masago said...

Pamela: I have heard of that...must be something to actually see it in action. Thanks for sharing that

John: Thanks there, laddy.

Tikkis: Ouch. (Good one my friend).

Polona: Thanks...caw, caw...

Pat: You're right, it could also have been fragments left behind by another crow (or magpie). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I would amend tikkis to

car passed
in a hurry--
eat crow

giggle.... carniverous little cannibals!!!!

Borut said...

Very much in the spirit of Socrates and his often repeated saying: I know just one thing,
that is, that I know nothing!:)) What do we know after all!??:) Started exploring your blog with your ‘junk yard’!:) What follows is clear-cut haiku! No left-overs!:) Intriguing titles!:)

I like Pamela's comment. I knew crows were wise, but didn't know they use cars...!:))

Tikkis said...

pamela: :) I giggled so much my wife came and asked what's wrong with me. Me? The crows having a problem?

Borut: The wise crows started to use cars something around 1940-?

Tikkis said...

Masago: as you notice nobody asked anything from you?

Masago said...

Pamela: very good!

Borut: So true...thanks for your kind words.

Tikkus: What do you mean?