683. Urgent Message

an ovenbird
makes a loud announcement...
dawn break


Pat Paulk said...

"Well done"

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I hear these birds when I'm trying to sleep in the morning! :)

polona said...

we don't have these around here, but there are other birds making loud announcements at daybreak... nice!

Masago said...

Pat: Thanks.

j. andrew: Yes, I was awakened by them which "inspired" this haiku. :-)

Polona: Thanks.

floots said...

i'm with polona
nice one
(but what is an ovenbird)

Masago said...

Floots: Thanks. Check out the ovenbird here:


floots said...

thanks vaughn
nice informative link
an attractive bird
a bit like a small uk thrush
(different family though)