1052. Cranked Up

Driving in traffic —
the loud, rumbling sound
of an earthquake.


Masago said...

1052. Cranked Up

Driving in traffic -
the loud, rumbling sound
of an earthquake.

Link with 1051: Loud noise.

[Some guys like to crank up their in-car stereo systems to the point that it almost sounds like their cars are bouncing down the street!]

Pamela said...

our town passed an ordinance... and drivers can be fined if you can hear the base/music within so many feet.

I don't know if it is being enforced.

Keshi said...

boom boom boom? :)


Borut said...

Little earthquake makers - they'll be the end of the world if they continue like this...!?:)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I can't stand that noise!!! Am I just getting old? :)

John McDonald said...

I hate it too (thanks for correction on zen speug)

aurora said...

When I first read this, I imagined this poem to be set in a place like California! I never thought of the stereo connection. :)

This would make a good haibun, wouldn't it? Do you ever write those, Vaughn?

Bill said...

summer heat
to the beat
of a passing car

Pat Paulk said...

I hate that. Personally I think it is rude to impose on my ears with nothing but boom boom boom. Maybe like Andrew I'm just getting too old.

polona said...

gosh, do i hate those guys!

earthquake has interesting implications...

Masago said...

Pamela: I'd like an ordinance like that here.

Keshi: Yep. Thanks.

Borut: I think so. :-)

Andrew: Hmmm...it does seem to bother us older folks more for some reason.

John: Thanks...my pleasure.

Aurora: Thanks. I have tried my hand at haibun (some of my daily haiku comments come close at times). Type "vseward haibun" into Google and you'll find a sort-of haibun I did about a year ago.

Bill: I rhyming haiku, nice.

Pat: I agree.

Polona: Thanks.