Renhai Reflections 183: Within, Without

Within, Without

A Renhai by Jerry McKenzie (jm) & Vaughn Seward (vs)

kitchen sink —
the bowl floats within
a submerged pot. /jm

inch of rain in the dog dish — /jm
the mailbox, overflowing... /vs

sea floor oil leak —
the lowered containment vessel
plugs with ice /vs

Click here for notes and linking details:

[See notes for info about the oil leak reference in verse 3.]


Bill said...

Re-contextualizes the story in the headlines. Well done.

Janice Thomson said...

Like how the simple everyday images of the top two verses conclude with the (hopefully) rarer occurrence of the final verse. Well done.

Pamela said...

the oil has leaked right into your Renhai. Sad... but can't be ignored.

John McDonald said...


Masago said...

Thanks everyone!

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