Renhai Reflections: Beyond the Reach

Beyond the Reach

A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (vs) & Gillena Cox (gc)

stepping into a bus —
I recognize the face, but
what is her name? /vs

the stone skips eight or nine times — /vs
a cat scampers up the tree /gc

bright moon —
the shadowy street under
dimly lit lamps /gc

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John McDonald said...

nice one you two (incidentally we still have that telepathy I wrote a haiku identical to the one you published on my web one day last week re the branch springing back only mine was a plum branch)

Bill said...

Congratulations, you two. This really sets the imagination going.

Ralf Bröker said...

Kaminabend -
diesen Kiesel
ließ ich fliegen.

This haiku (fireside chat -/this pebble/I let it fly) from november 2010 crossed my mind when I read you fine collaboration.

Best wishes

Masago said...

Thanks all!

John, great minds...?

Ralf, cool; leaves one to imagine where the pebble ended up. :-)

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