Rengay Through the Seasons #21 [1-2]

by Toshiaki Koike (tk), and Vaughn Seward (vs);
Rengay #21 (Jan 20-26, 2008) Verses 1-2 (of 6):

Icy Road — a plastic bag rolls, right, left. /tk
A tangled cassette tape — an end flaps in the chill. /vs

[Every so often one encounters a broken cassette tape with the tape inside tangled up, often in a ball on a tree or bush.]

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floots said...

mankind's detritus making its own way
nice one

Borut said...

I find this very poetic - essentially we're alone...:) ... Yes, we're nothing... We don't even exists... A man as a plastic bag and a tape with prerecorded life script...

John McDonald said...

nicely progressing

polona said...

good if not pretty... still several ways to go...

Masago said...

Floots: Yes, thank you.

Borut: What an insight.

John: Thanks.

Polona: Thanks.