Rengay Through the Seasons #48 [1-5]

by Zhanna P. Rader (zh.r), and Vaughn Seward (vs);
Rengay #48 (Jul 27 - Aug 2, 2008) Verses 1-5 (of 6):

The fisherman's shirt — she breathes in its sea smell, this summer night. /zh.r
He touches her negligee — tender moments together. /vs
A nun walks by him, with downcast eyes, trembling — white lily, pink-edged. /zh.r
Roomful of people — he, without even trying, keeps noticing her. /vs
Alone with a nude model — the young artist wipes her brow. /zh.r

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well done

John McDonald said...

love it

polona said...

love the gentle humour

Masago said...

Thank you all (on behalf of Zhanna).