Renhai Reflections: Well Done

Well Done

A Renhai by Gillena Cox (gc) & Vaughn Seward (vs)

the weekend party —
I exchange views with the town's
theatre critic /vs

the aroma of white tea — /gc
words of Dickens between sips /vs

shy the applause —
rises to a tremendous
standing ovation /gc

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Devika said...

Good additions here, Masago , Gillena, Janice and all :)

in this especially liked the Middle one -- a nice collaboration :)


John McDonald said...

enjoyed this

Ralf Bröker said...

I have experienced these situation quite a few times ... and your fine teamwork brought back this feeling of surrealism I had in the beginning. Thank you very much.

Best wishes

Janice Thomson said...

I too really like the middle verse - it leaves such a delightful impression - well done you two.

Bill said...

The parts link together most effectively.

Masago said...

Thank you all very much!

voyance en ligne said...

Thank you very much for this nice discovery.