1071. Rear View

A last glimpse
of the Rockies...back
to other mountains.


Masago said...

1071. Rear View

A last glimpse
of the Rockies...back
to other mountains.

Link with 1070: Returning.

[We live about 350 Kilometres (aprox. 220 Miles) from the nearest mountain. So when returning home from a trip to them I often glance back through the rear-view mirror and say a little goodbye as the last view of them disappears into the horizon. I then turn to face the road back home.]

Dana-Maria Onica said...

"The other mountains" we climb daily... so true!

:)I have an identical reaction when I leave the sea.I think I am a water animal...

Thank you, Vaughn.

floots said...

love this
i get the same feeling now when i have to leave scotland
like you
face other mountains

Borut said...

By the way… If you can make a mountain out of a mole-hill, you don’t have to visit Rocky Moutains…

John McDonald said...

nostalgic one vaughn

Pat Paulk said...

They are gorgeous. My mole hills are the toughest to climb.

polona said...

love this one!

like dana-maria, it's the sea that does that to me...

Masago said...

Dana-Maria: We do climb other mountains every day. When on vacation they are hopefully out of sight and out of mind. As for the sea, I love it too but do not see it very often (like 1000 miles from here)...and when we do visit, they don't "hang on the horizon" in the rear-view mirror when leaving them like the mountains do. :-) Thanks Dana-Maria!

Floots: Ah, the highlands, we'd love to come there some day.

Borut: Right, I think you may have something there. There's a lot of mole-hill-mountain making going on around here. :-)

John: Thanks.

Pat: *LOL* (as usual) Thanks!

Polona: The is indeed special, I like to swim in it (and body surf).

Pamela said...

thats a long gaze

Masago said...

Pamela: Well, yes... that was the trick, to do it at the right moment. :-)