1087. Anticipation

She pours a drink
for me...expecting orange
I taste cola!


Masago said...

1087. Anticipation

She pours a drink
for me...expecting orange
I taste cola!

Link with 1086: Startled.

[Once in awhile it happens where you have a strong anticipation of a flavour and it turns out to be something different. It is especially startling if the the act of drinking is a background task. For example, taking a sip of a freshly poured pop while reading an engrossing book.]

Irene said...

So far, this is my favorite! ;p

floots said...

very real for me
i got up went to the kitchen in the dark and picked up my reflux medication - my nose warned me (just in time) that it was the vinegar :)

Borut said...

Nothing wrong with our expectations, haha!?:) A few days ago I wrote one about a candle and a glass. At dusk, sitting in a cafe, talking, and, short-sighted as always, I decided, thirsty as I I was, to finally take a sip of water, after an hour or so of coffee. The glass was unusually small. When I brought it to my lips, I saw a small candle in it!? Used in cafes to create a romantic atmosphere, I suppose!? Effective, isn't it!?

John McDonald said...


polona said...

it's a funny experience when this happens...

Masago said...

Irene: Thank you for you kind words!

Floots: Yikes. One of my friends described to me today something like this that happened to him. In his case he actually took a swig of cleaning solution that his wife had mixed up in a plastic bottle (they were working out at the farm).

Borut: Right...you could have burnt your eyebrows.

John: :-)

Polona: Indeed. Thanks.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

it's even worse when you're expecting milk and you get the orange juice. :)

Masago said...

Andrew: I can imagine (or lemonade).